• Who We Are

"A competent and reliable company, continually innovating".

"Taimura" LLC is a leading independent oil and gas storage and shipping company that owns and manages the distribution system and the transportation of oil and gas for crude oil and its products, natural gas and dry and liquid bulk cargo. Founded in 2006, Taimura has grown with over 1 decade of expertise in midstream operations and a workforce of over 300 headcounts, "Taimura" provides advanced energy services throughout Russia, the CIS, Europe, and globally.

Foundation of the Company

Started over 1.5 decades ago, "Taimura" is a russian family-owned company grown over the years as a leading independent storage and shipping company.

First Handling & Expansion

First oil products storage and trading with the capacity of 300,000cm and the creation of a merger with a stronger player led to business diversification and expansion.

Strategic Locations

Our operations are currently more than 10 startegic locations which includes Nakhodka, Primorsk, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok and Rotterdam, Houston, and China ports.


To achieve substantial and continuous growth while delivering world-class solutions for end users.


To provide outstanding service performance and dependable supplies to our clients within all our operating markets.


  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • Performance

1.5 decades of Expertise in

Petroleum Operations.

Corporate Management

Viktor Anatolyevich Solovyev

General Director
Taimura, LLC

Aleksei Grigorevich Gribanov

Director - Finance Dept
Taimura, LLC

Natalia Alexandrevna Kozlov

Director - Human Resource
Taimura, LLC

Grigory Viktorovich Yaroslavl

Vice General Director, Taimura, LLC

Konstantin Ivanovich Yaroslavl

Director - Logistics & Shipment, Taimura, LLC

Oleg Mikhalovich Petrova

Director, Storage and Operations, Taimura, LLC

Maxim Gubenko

Director - Information Dept.
Taimura, LLC

Vladim Yaroslavl

Director - Legal Dept.
Taimura, LLC

Stepan Yukov

Director - Technology, Process and Risk Management, Taimura, LLC