• Shipping Services

We are committed and reliable with our transhipment of various types of cargo to achieving fast business operations.

Taimura, LLC is succeeding in sea and river shipping of bulk, over-sized and heavy cargoes by its own fleet of vessels. Sea-and-river type vessels’ possession allows us to ship cargoes both to sea and river ports. Meeting all the national requirements and international conventions allows our vessels freely trade both on the cabotage and international market. LLC "Taimura" has 12 barges ranging from 750 to 3,650 tonnes for inland shipping. The entire inland shipping fleet has a total capacity of 21,000 tonnes. Our vessels covers such regions as Barents, Norwegian, North, Mediterranean, Black, Azov and Caspian seas, inland water ways of the European part of Russia, along with the Siberian rivers of Ob, Irtysh etc.

  • Cargo Transloading
  • Custom Clearance
  • Terminal Duties
  • Cargo Warehousing
  • Cargo Inspection

We strive to ensure that your business moves, getting the right product in the right place - on time, every time.



Since 2002 Taimura Logistics has been offering services in dry-cargo vessel chartering and on-line fleet management. The chartering department staff consists of highly skilled and certified specialists with long working experience in the given market sector.


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